Happiness isn't that hard!

With my "Be Happy" campaign I would like to help as many people as possible to learn to be happy. Why?  Because we all deserve to be happy!

And YES! I say: Anyone is able to learn it!


I'll show you!

How to be happy in 5 Steps

First step: Selfreflection

Self-reflection - Who am I and how am I actually doing?


In the hectic pace of everyday life, we often forget about the most important thing in our lives: ourselves!


To be really happy, however, it is essential to know where we stand and who we are. What do you see when you look in the mirror? Whom do you see when you look in the mirror? Are you able to describe yourself? How would you tell someone else about yourself? And the most important: Would you like yourself? Why?

How are your living conditions? Your job? Are you doing what you want to do? Or are you doing what you have to do? Do you have a family that loves you? Friends you care about? A Hobby? Do you like to laugh? Why not?


Consciousness: The conscious recognition and knowledge about yourself and the things that surround you - Our first step into a happier life!

Second step: What`s the problem?

You have now made yourself aware of who you are and what qualities you actually have. You have thought about what is important to you in your environment and in which life situation you find yourself. So let's move on to the next step:


The question of what's making you unhappy.


 What prevents you from starting the day cheerfully? Why can't you laugh from the bootom of your heart?  Is there something bothering you? Or are you just way too busy to see how well you're doing?


Did you know that most of our fears and worries are not real? Or let's put it another way: Have you ever realized that most of our fears and worries are not real?  Often our fears relate to things in the future that will never happen or things that simply cannot be changed because they are in the past. So if we put all these "fake" worries aside for once, WHAT remains? The NOW! And if we just focus on  NOW, WHAT does really worries?  Let me put it a little simplified:  The jeans pinch? The phone's broken?  Are these really problems? For some people, perhaps. However, some that can be solved quickly. You don't enjoy your job anymore or your partner makes your life difficult? That are also things that have a solution. Even if these decisions may be harder for us than many others.

Summary: Be aware that there is nearly nothying in this life that is really worth it, losing the most beautiful about our faces - our smile.


Third step: Everyone is responsible for his own happiness - and whoever wants, can!

"How did you manage to emigrate? I'm so jealous"- "Why? You could emigrate, too!" - "No! I can't. Wouldn't have a job!" - "I've been looking for it as well" - "I'd have my family and friends here!" - "So did I! But I come to see them regularly." "I just couldn't..." - NO! YOU CAN BUT YOU DON'T WANT TO! That's a huge difference!


If you really want something and are working on it, you can achieve everything you set out to do (as long as we remain within the realm of reality).


Step 3 on our way to happiness is the awareness that we can change many things in our lives, if we really want to! So much is up to ourselves- especially our own happiness! Is there really something that bothers you and hinders your happiness? Get it out of it! What are you afraid of? Any change? Any consequences? Any failure? Then you have not yet completed step 2! We didn't want to be afraid of things that aren´t real anymore! Live NOW and concentrate on the worries of today and just solve them! You will see how liberating this attitude is and how much it takes you forward. You want something? Go for it! Do not be afraid of rejection or eventual failure! Because these are things that lie in the future and do not currently exist and are not worth mentioning. Live the moment! Change when you feel like it!


And above all, be aware that we can do everything... we just really have to want it...


Fourth step: NOW, HERE and I

Once upon a time there was a poor man who spent his whole life looking for a treasure..." - thats how an old Chinese parable begins, which ends up with the fact, that this man has to realize that his treasure has always been in a box he sat  on every day... All he had to do was open the box and look inside. This would have made his whole life completely different.


It's not that hard to read between the lines of this story: The treasure that we  are looking for so often, our own happiness, is not only near by, WE are sitting on it!!!! Our life is the greatest gift and we often don't even notice it.  We let it pass by in front of our eyes and are constantly looking for something different, something better, something bigger.


The fourth step on our path to happiness is right here. Be aware that your life is a gift and enjoy it in full breath. Have you noticed how blue the sky is today? Have you felt the morning shower with all your senses? Were you consciously grateful for your child's laughter today?


Let´s get over all the "fake"-worries, the fears, the "what would the others say"!


Give a damn about it! What really counts is NOW, HERE and I.

Fifth step: From now on: Don't forget to be happy!

The last one is probably the most difficult step of all:



Don't forget to get up in the morning with a smile.
Don't forget who you are, what you can do and who loves you.

Don't forget that most of our problems are NOT real.

Remember, you only live once.

Don't forget to do whatever you want to do - more often.
Don't forget that you can do anything you want.

Don't forget that it's usually not even that bad.

Don't forget to focus on NOW and HERE.

Don't forget to live.


Don't forget to be happy!