Today I want to make you a special gift: My eyes!

I'd like to give you something today. Something very personal, something very special: My eyes. Sometimes our mirror lies to us, shows us things from a certain perspective which are far away from reality. That's the reason why I decided to make you this gift. I want to show you how I see you.


You've always been one of the most remarkable women I've ever met. Beautiful, strong and intelligent. Full of curiosity and joie de vivre, you have made your way and left back admirers on every single corner. Yes, admirer. For your words, your humanity, your knowledge and for your beautiful smile. Sometimes you don't seem to realize what you really are. I'm telling you: You are a powerful and expressive rarity


You're beautiful. –
No matter what sometimes goes through your mind and which defects you discover on yourself, let me tell you that you are beautiful.
You can do anything you set out to do. -
Even if life sometimes didn´t treat you well, you did your way.. Never forget your many strengths and qualities. I see them. Do you?
You deserve the best. -
We sometimes tend to question whether we can really ask that much. Yes. We can. You have so much to give, you don't need to cut back in any way.


Even if everything seems hopeless, there is always a way for you. I'm sure you'll find it. And if you get lost and unexpectedly need someone to help you, please think about me. I´ll be there!


Your friend