Envy and jealousy - sth everybody knows?

Envy, a feeling everyone knows?

 What does she have that I don't? Why does he earn more money than me? Why has their relationship worked for years and I can't even stay with someone for a few months? Jealousy - a feeling that many of us feel.
Even in childhood we are taught to pay attention to what the other one has. Does he have better grades? Did he build a higher Lego tower? Was he faster, better, more talented?
In adulthood this competitive behaviour increases by itself and  we measure and compare ourselfes- almost in every aspect - with everything and everyone.
The problem is obvious: Apart from the lack of ability to feel proud for someone who is achieving something, we forget to appreciate the work behind!
The great house and the expensive purse? He worked for it! Just like for the perfect sixpack! Relationships also have ups and downs - So if someone really makes it for more than just a while: Hats off, please! Why can't many of us truly admire without rejoicing people? Without measuring and comparing himself ? 


Envy hurts you the most!
Just a few of us are aware that we end up harming ourselves. Envy is a feeling that inhibits our  own happiness. We cannot concentrate 100% on ourselves and our own happiness, when we are always in competition with our fellow human beings. We cannot radiate honest joy, self-love and self-confidence when we secretly envy our pretty neighbour or even our own sister for her great figure or her partner. 


Not all of us feel like that. There are people to whom this feeling is completely strange and believe me: These people are the happiest !!!
So the next time you blink at a woman because  of her great legs or you're annoyed about your colleague's raise, you should ask yourself if it's really worth it, risking your own happiness.....