Yes, I will! Or not?!

The most beautiful day in your life - With a white dress and tembling knees you walk through the church to end up giving your beloved the three little words: "Yes, I will!".


Is it really the most beautyful idea for ALL of us? Do every woman love this idea? At least even Julia Roberts run back at the end of the movie and dared to merry the right guy- so it's bound to come down to that - isn't it?
Marriage yes or no is a difficult issue nowadays. Are you old-fashioned just because you believe in the classic model? And what if you prefer not to make a covenant for life? Does it mean that you're immature? 
What about the comments from men's world? "Weddings are meant for women" -  and: "The clever man won't let a woman drag him in front of the altar so quickly". Do women really convey this images? Are WE the ones who insist on a marriage? Do we still see ourselves as "wifeys of" and can't wait to give up our last name?
I am somehow divided in my opinion, at least as far as marriage itself is concerned. In my opinion, marriage is of great importance and probably also provides a great value to society. Stability, family affiliation, seriousness - values that are usually neglected in our world. At least you are promising that you are trying to spend a lifetime with one and the same person.
We all know that reality is different. Divorce rates, flings, the decreasing willingness of man AND women to cooperate - all reasons that rather speak against the covenant for eternity.


I never played "wedding" as a child, never dreamed of getting married, never secretly tried on wedding dresses or made allusions to my partner. On the contrary. Is that why I'm cowardly or immature? Maybe! But I have the same right to be immature as any man.


Marriage is definitely NOT a "woman thing", but is intended for couples (irrespective of sex) who are brave enough  to promise each other nothing less than a common FOREVER.